Mile Stones of Alphonsa Jyothi Province Bharananganam


Founding Mothers were started community life at Kannadiurump

1888 The origin of FCC
1902 First convent was started at Maniamkunnu
1910 Erection of Sacred Heart Convent Bharananganam
1927 Convent at Vakakkad
1939 Convent started at Teekoy
1946 Inauguration of FC Convent Peringulaam
1947 A Convent started at Koottickal
1949 Founded a Convent at Chemmalamattam on 26th May
1949 Starting of FC Convent at Amparanirappel on 13th June
1950 The institution of the Diocese of Palai
1950 A Community started at Poonjar
1950 Convent at Moonnilavu
1952 FCC in Palai Diocese
Rev. Mother Ursula was elected the first Mother General
1952 Convent at Malayinchippara
1953 Convent at Maniamkulam
1953 Sisters in Malabar
1955 Erection of Novitate House, Vimalagiri
1957 Commencement of Thidanad FC Convent
1960 The first batch Noviciate of Pala Province began at Vimalagiri
1961 Foundation of Assisi Convent Aruvithura
1963 Started a convent at Edamattam
1966 Sisters in Manipur
1966 An F C Convent at Poonjar South
1968 Convent at Vagamon
1969 Started Ananda Bhavan Orphanage, Aruvithura
1970 The Unifiacation of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation in Kerala.
The First Mother General was Rev. Mother Maurus
1970 Rev. Mother Pius was First Provincial Superior
1971 Erection of Assisi convent Edappady
1971 Erection ofAssisi Sneha Bhavan
1972 A Convent at Pachickal, Peringulam
1973 FCC was raised to the Pontifical Position
1973 FCC Sisters in Ujjain & Punjab
1973 A Convent at Kizhaparayar
1975 Started a Convent at Kakkoly, near Bharananganam
1985 Convent at Kurinji
1985 A Community started at Velathussery
1985 The institution of the FCC Alphonsa Province, (Provincial House), Puliyannoor
1985 The Institution of Formation House at Tuiburg, Manipur
1986 Beatification of St. Alphonsa
1988 Centennary of FCC
1989 Erection of Alphonsa Jyothi Province Bharananganam
1989 Deepthi DCMR at Teekoy for Mentally Challenged Children
1990 Started Alphonsa English Medium at Aruvithura
1991 Started Thidanad Clara Nagar
1991 Manipur Mission raised to St. Clare Region
1992 Erection of Vimala Study House Pala
1993 A Community started at Arakulam on 27th May
1994 The Blessing of Alphonsa Jyothi Province (Provincial House Building)
1994 A Convent at Kaippally
1995 Sisters in SOUTH AFRICA, in the Diocese of Mthatha, South Africa
1995 Sisters in Germany
1995 A Community at Frankfurt, Germany
1996 A Stamp was released in honour of St. Alphonsa
1997 Started Prayer House at Vagamon
1998 A Mission House at Aruvithura for Manipur Province
1998 Declaration of St. Clare Province, Imphal
1999 A Convent at Choondacherry
2003 Sisters at Napoli, Italy
2007 Community at Freiburg
2008 Cannonization of Blessed Alphonsa
2009 Release of the Commemorative Coins of St. Alphonsa
2010 Birth Centenary Celebrations of St Alphonsa & Centinay Celebrations
2010 Sisters in Dysselsdrop, in the Diocese of Oudtshoorn, South Africa
2014 Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Province