Higher Secondary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Alphonsa Public School & Junior College, Aruvithura.
 2 Alphonsa Residential School (ICSE), Bharananganam (Kakkoly).
 High School
 No  Name and Place
 1 Sacred Heart Girls High School, Bharananganam.
 2 Vagamon St. Alphonsa English Mediam School, Vagamon.
 Special Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Deepthi DCMR, Teekoy.
 Health Care
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Peter’s Dispensary, Vimalagiri.
 Hostels & Boardings
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Mary’s Boarding House, Arakulam.
 2 St. Joseph’s Boarding, Bharananganam.
 3 St. Joseph’s Boarding House, Koottickal.
 4 St. Antony’s Boarding House, Poonjar South.
 5 St. Antony’s Boarding House, Teekoy.
 Hostels For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. George Hostel, Aruvithura.
 2 Navajyothi Hostel, Vagamaon.
 Nursery School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. John’s Nursery School, Amparanirappel.
 2 St. Mary’s Nursery School, Aruvithura.
 3 St. Little Theresa’s Nursery School, Bharananganam.
 4 St. Mary’s Nursery School, Idamattam.
 5 St. George Nursery School, Koottickal.
 6 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Maniamkulam.
 7 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Maniamkunnu.
 8 St. Mary’s Nursery School, Moonnilavu.
 9 St. Augustine’s Nursery School, Peringulam.
 10 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Poonjar.
 11 St. Antony’s Nursery School, Poonjar South.
 12 St. Mary’s Nursery School, Teekoy.
 13 St. Sebastian’s Nursery School, Vagamon.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Sanjo Orphange, Malayinchippara.
 2 Nirmala Bhavan, Maniamkunnu.
 Old Age Homes
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mercy Home, Clara Nagar, Thidanad.
 Social Service
 No  Name and Place
 1 Vagamon Development Association (VDA), Vagamon.
 2 Navajyothi Community Centre, Vagamon.
 3 Navajyothi Community Centre, Vagamon.
 Tailoring Centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 Deepthi Fine Arts &114, Aruvithura.
 Hospice, Pain And Palliative Centers
 No  Name and Place
 1 Kolbe Hospice + (Pain & Palliative Care Centre), Clara Nagar, Thidanad.
 Home For Hiv Patients Children
 No  Name and Place
 1 Children’s Home, Mthatha, South Africa.